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1 march 2013

Another month has gone by, the weather in England is still damp, grey and chilly so I make sure that I stay as up beat as I can with people who I pass by every day.

Just acknowledging people with a hello or a smile or a two minute conversation always make you and them, smile.

Do the best you can whatever the job and I don’t mean in achieving money or status, but in the smaller attention to details.

Clean the light switch of finger marks if it needs it rather than wait for someone else do it!

In my “break” from work yesterday I was out walking and a chap I know saw me, stopped his car and we had that 2 minute conversation. He had been caught speeding and was returning from the course he had to attend. He was amazed at how many people were furious that they had been “caught”.

Holding our hands up to what we do means we are present in the reality of the moment and don’t have to experience the negative impact of lying or looking over our shoulders.

Host site PASTON rang and I had a long and helpful discussion with Malcolm.

Very approachable despite him having a very heavy cold.

Points to consider with the host providers:

1- I can either have an empty disc on a web server with the minimum of upload by PASTON (P) and then I upload the domain name and all the details.

2- P will install WordPress +content and manage web pages. Word press has a lot more features and is more easily managed than previous editions

3 -I am provided with a pre-installed WordPress i.e. a blank sheet of paper with access to admin control panel and then can add graphics, menu system blog etc.

4-P could set up the “environment” on the web server set up data base (data base driven) and ensure that the domain name is all working. They then keep records of number of visits, keep statistic if needed.

5-I could keep my current email and have a Gmail specifically for the site that is linked to me. It means that I will know all the TOOL (Tides of our lives) correspondence.

6-I will have an administrative account and can decide who can access and change it.

7-The web site then needs to be “built”. While this is happening P gives me a “hidden” web page with an address that only I and those I give it to, can then enter details.

8-When finished P makes it go “Live”.

9-No copy write issues with copying the layout of other people’s site, but clearly the content you can’t lift. Pleased to hear that.

10-There are good tutorials on You tube or Google

11-If we go with Paston then I create a user name, log in www and the domain name and then create the web page.

Simple eh?





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