Julia (5) 4.3.13

4th March (5)

Working in the cabin in the garden. Finally we have a wonderful  warm sunny day. Very lovely.

Unplanned visit to the vet for the little piglet/puppy who had reacted badly to routine but very new tablets. Vomiting, a bit vacant and very tired. Gave her water through a syringe this morning and she picked up a little.

Great vet butipad mollyasleep discovered they had given her 5 times the proper dose!


Fortunately no danger and the vet apologised with great sincerity. The receptionist was in tears as it was she who had put the incorrect tablet in. Such a lovely woman and it appears no long term damage done so hugged her and said that we can all make slip ups. Wasn’t what I felt in the late evening and the early hours of the night. Then I wanted to rage at the drug company for putting such a vulnerable and loved animal through distress.

If I had done this to the receptionist and vet, it would have come from my feeling responsible, the need to make some else take the wrap and make me feel better.

Piglet now asleep on my lap as I write.

How to create a domain name?

Not an easy task as I need it to catch peoples words that they put in search.

I want it to cover the aspects of what I do, don’t want it to be insipid or too business like.

Julia L Dansie +++?

Should the main thrust be towards the book, my writing /or the therapy and training?

Ideas come to me if I don’t concentrate too hard. Take the focus off and let something edge its way forward.

Have just discovered that I may not be able to get internet access in the cabin. I shall have to see what can be done about that as it is such a creative space.

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