Julia (6) 10.3.13

10th March 

Mother’s Day or rather if accurate it is Mothering Sunday here in England.

It’s snowing outside, wet and cold.

I am craving some sunshine, warmth on my body and soul.

The “piglet” needs walking and I am delaying it as I am reluctant to take this aching body out into the damp. Once wrapped up and outside it will be fine I am sure.

Have decided on a name that I like as a possible domain name.

“Live and let grieve”

Letting something surface rather than forcing it always helps particularly if I walk.

I was washing up and “Live and let die” came to mind, though I then remembered that it was the name of the book and film. I want something that is about staying alive and present and also enables people to recognise loss and its affects.

Hence “live and let grieve”

Once on the web page they can then see what else I offer.

Next step is to get the webpage available and hidden so we can add the text content, graphics and all that needs to be thought through.

Spoken with P, the host site and the domain name is currently available.

Logo needs to be simple and convey both life and loss.

Wonder what Theresa will think of the name?

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