Julia (8) 27.3.13

27th March. Blog 8

Able to hear but not see T today in the Skype meeting.

Now so used to the variable possibilities we might have, that nothing surprises me and we just get on with the agenda.

Important to think before hand of what we need to discuss as it is very easy to discuss many aspects of life and the shared work, and find hours can pass.

It is my late evening in England and the beginning of the day for T in New Z.

Have decided to try and keep the domain name to include a nautical aspect as the sea has been a large part of my life.

We are deciding on a final name within 36 hours to make us focus and contact the host people to get it set up for my return from Spain on the 1st April.

I shall be re visiting Pilars’ family on whom the book is based.



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