Julia (18) 15.4.13


Your cousin Elena, more like your sister, mother and friend, made two huge pots of “Pisto” for us over the few days, and once started¬†upon it was difficult to put down.

I continued to make and eat for breakfast during the first week of being back in England.

You can’t put in too many tomatoes!

Recipe for Elena’s Pisto.

Tomato Frito in last

Aubergine with its skin on is cut into small pieces add a little Spanish olive oil and salt. Cook in micro wave until soft. A few minutes

Add Courgette as above

Onions the same as above or fry first

Green Italian Romano peppers as above

When all vegetables are soft put them into a saucepan plus a little more oil until really cooked. Approx an hour.

Add the tomato Frito, fried tomatoes or tin of chopped tomatoes toward the end of the cooking. (Add a little bit of sugar if frying tomatoes rather than a tin of Fritos.

Eat hot with (tortilla), Spanish omelette for a meal, or cold on toast for breakfast.





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