Julia (16) 4.4.13

Day 4

The passing few hours and the rising of the sun have returned the definition to the towns’ buildings; the heat of the sun streaming through this open window is hot on my skin.

The next generation is part of this day of festival and music.

A kioska was the first public place to draw our music in.

Roul had shown us the museum where we compared modern surrealist work with traditional classical religious works of art. The guitar, entrusted to the receptionist waited its outing.

I wondered at my irresponsibility of leaving it with a stranger, for it is very precious, but noticed that trusting it to others was an extension of the inter relational aspect of this journey.

The tables were sparsely filled when, with local beer bought and tasted, we played as though Roul was our only audience.

With ease the young people for we were next to the university, began to bring their beers and tapas to tables within reach of us, and in broken English Roul said “we three are a good match, you like to play and me to listen”

Your nephew drifts with the music in a manner you too had when we played songs you loved.

That last active summer in your garden, your cousin massaging your swollen feet, I remember your eyes closing, your face softening as the darkness and music surrounded us, and the pain of knowing this would end tore at my throat.

Now the experience is passed on to your greater circle and leaves its impression anew.



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One thought on “Julia (16) 4.4.13

  • Julia, tu sensibilidad me llega al corazon. Estoy dentro de tu blog. Que contenta estoy de que me hijo que es lo que mas quiero en el mundo, este compartiendo estos dias con vosotras. El no queria pasar pon Inglaterra sin veros. Yo creo que le llegasteis a su corazon los dias en Murcia.Como me gustaria comunicarme en ingles con vosotras,de todas formas existen muchas formas de comunicarse, y yo lo hago con mis sentimientos y toda mi alma. Raul tiene esa sensibilidad que a muchos jóvenes les falta y me siento muy orgullosa de ello. Me gustaria leer tu libro. Quizas lo pueda traer Raul. Se lo diré. No sé si se podrá traducir pero lo intentaré. Este comentario me ha hecho muy feliz. Os quiero mucho.

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