Julia (19) 16.4.13


The web page needs to have attention given to it.

Trust the process and out of chaos comes clarity so I continue to struggle with the technology and find that I am enjoying learning new skills.

Paston (P) are supporting me and asking questions about what ideas I have for the home page, the menus, the colours, the fonts, horizontal or vertical, “plug ins”, amongst many others and would like clear idea.

Clear ideas!

I have in my head lots of things but I am discovering that to communicate this to a second person to do, is not how I operate.

P suggest that I look at http://www.wordpress.org and at wordpress “themes”

Theresa and I have a Skype session having trawled though different themes and really like the clear and simple looking “Sensitive” theme.

I give the go ahead to P.

We are off and running once more.


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