Julia 20 (26.4.13)


I am amazed at how long it does take time to get the wording, the information, the look and what I am wanting to express, clear enough.

The “Theme” that has been chosen has limitations on the text below the picture boxes and the time taken to get the text just right, is unimaginable.

I then discover that although this theme is meant to be accessible on all communication devices it does actually look slightly different on I Pads, small screen computers and I have yet to discover what happens on I phones.

All these aspects are part of the journey of setting up.

The meetings via Skype are loosely time bounded and keeping good notes of what we discuss helps to capture and create after the event.

We are using Georgia as the font as it is good visually, gives clear lettering for people with sight difficulties.

We decide to keep the back ground white on the front page, so as to keep the focus on the 4 “feature boxes”.

The difficulty with this “Theme” is that the photos need to have the right aspect ratio (9 x 6) to get them to look nice.

Most of what I want to use aren’t of this ratio!

We decide to link our two countries on the home page and so use ”Welcome. Haere Mai”

A Gmail account need to be set up that can be linked to this page

P suggests that I look at a user guide to WordPress and at some of the tutorials for beginners on YouTube.

All very helpful and I do actually have a glance at a tutorial but find it goes over my head and my immediate reaction is to find a diversion.

I shall have to ask for a person tutorial.

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