Julia (23) 29.5.13


One day to go.

ETD (expected time of departure) – 0900 / 30.5.13.

It is wonderful to see the finished product ready to be cast off from the shore.

An end is in sight, and a new beginning ahead.

I said to T that we shall see what kind of skippers we are going to be on this journey that has no definite destination.

The journey is far more important than the arrival for this vessel.

As skipper I have put on board the charts and G.P.S. of the seas in which we first sail.

I know where to find new charts as we enter new waters.

The boat has travelled many seas before and I know she is “sound”.

We have storm sails when needed; first aid kits and the crew are qualified.

It has enough food and nourishment for the initial trip and a ship to shore radio for communication and assistance if required.

Every trip brings on excitement and fear, and as long as they are balanced I set sail.

Too much fear and I stay in the harbour and wait for the right moment to leave.

Tomorrow though the outlook is fair, the tide is on the ebb, the winds are enough to fill the sails, the so the journey will begin.

I trust my judgement on this.



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