Julia (13) 2.4.13 

2.4.13  … Day 2 The wind as in confirmation of your presence yesterday, was silent this morning and I drew comfort from this illogical belief, letting the sun give my skin longed for warmth and vitamin D. The festival is loud, colourful and peppered with drinking young people, who, freed from the cultural expectation that [...]

Julia (12) 1.4.13 

 … 1.4.13 Spain. Now I pass in your footsteps and we, the family, laugh at the shared memories. The wind that blew through your life is blasting through the streets of this city and whipping up a storm to remind us of you. The sun is shining and forcing its way between the cold blasts [...]

Julia (11) 1.4.13 

1.4.13 I am rather more subdued than I thought I would be sitting here in the airport and I wonder what it will be like not to have you on my lap. In my memory you are. In the aeroplane and suddenly I am able to focus and be creative once again. I am finding [...]

Julia (10) 1.4.13 

 … 1.4.2013 Don’t swim against the tide as you tend to stand still or struggle all the time. If you get washed down stream don’t worry as the tide always turns, and you’ll head up stream again. When it turns again, find a small eddy or rest on a rock whilst it flows out again; [...]

Julia (9) 29.3.13 

29th March Blog 9 Today I bought the Domain name. “The tides of our lives”  (thetidesofourlives.org) what a wonderful feeling, so thrilling and positive. Theresa said: “We on our way sailing, sailing, surfing, surfing, the tides of life xxx”, and I agree. So… trust the process.

Julia (8) 27.3.13 

27th March. Blog 8 Able to hear but not see T today in the Skype meeting. Now so used to the variable possibilities we might have, that nothing surprises me and we just get on with the agenda. Important to think before hand of what we need to discuss as it is very easy to [...]

Julia (7) 22.3.13 

22nd March (7) Two more Skype calls with Theresa in New Zealand and decisions made. Still no domain name that really works yet. This is important as it is the introduction to the web page as a whole. We have though decided that it need to be uplifting rather than coming from a point where people [...]

Julia (6) 10.3.13 

10th March  Mother’s Day or rather if accurate it is Mothering Sunday here in England. It’s snowing outside, wet and cold. I am craving some sunshine, warmth on my body and soul. The “piglet” needs walking and I am delaying it as I am reluctant to take this aching body out into the damp. Once [...]

Julia (5) 4.3.13 

4th March (5) Working in the cabin in the garden. Finally we have a wonderful  warm sunny day. Very lovely. Unplanned visit to the vet for the little piglet/puppy who had reacted badly to routine but very new tablets. Vomiting, a bit vacant and very tired. Gave her water through a syringe this morning and [...]

Julia (4) 1.3.13 

1 march 2013 Another month has gone by, the weather in England is still damp, grey and chilly so I make sure that I stay as up beat as I can with people who I pass by every day. Just acknowledging people with a hello or a smile or a two minute conversation always make [...]