Julia (3) 28.2.13 

28 Feb 2013 Finally contacted the host web site to ask specific questions re what they offer and what I need only to find that the person is working at home, is on many calls and could I call again? Never mind, the ball is in motion. So pleased that I bought the IPad with [...]

Julia (2) 27.2.13 

27.2.13 Arranged phone call with Theresa with whom I am undertaking this project, happened by Skype at 7pm in England and 8am New Zealand. Signal bad so I had her suitcase icon rather than her good self. Focused on my Ipad camera as if in the room with her. Sound quality poor so T imagined [...]

Julia (1) 22.2.2013 

 … 22.2.2013 Fundamentally I left the book for 18 months after she died visiting it briefly. It would evoke amazement, awe, and emotions until a point at which I was able to see the book as a piece of work to be published. Most editing and re writing was on the last section at which [...]