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Specific training, group work and supervision, for you and your organisation.



Professional training: book groups and readings

Want to Learn more about…

…working with those experiencing loss?

- those grieving the loss of someone they love?

- those living with their own anticipated death?

- those grieving for someone they had a difficult relationship with?

- those whose children have died?

- those caring for the dying, terminally ill?



We offer book readings and discussions


“Expected Death at 03.45. A love story”

The book is given to participants to read prior to the training.

The training focuses on what it means to be with someone during the later stages of their life’s journey.

We explore questions such as;

How do we integrate this experience into our own lives?

What are our responsibilities?

How important is total honesty between people in this kind of situation?

Is there enough of us to go round when our pattern of availability is changed by illness and death?

How do we cope with the dying person’s needs ; what are the limits?

Who do we share our thoughts and feelings with?

We may read this book for the story itself.

It is also a resource for book clubs, professional training programmes, carers, and other professionals.



Experiential training and group work uses all the creative arts to explore loss death and bereavement. For example…

The Sea,

(from; No One Can Stem the Tide)

The sea will follow me through all my years,

will lift my heart in song,

will quench my tears,

will lay benignant hands upon my head

at discontented whispers, sorrow led…

Yes, Death will find me.

Not immortal, I

who cling with earth-stained fingers

also die-

but not forever-no….

Jane Tyson Clement. Born 1917

All courses are designed for the specific need of your group or organisation.





Individual and group

The prime aim of supervision is to help you stand back and see your involvement in clinical work, in order to be effective and objective.

To understand and explore the unspoken and overt aspects of the work.

To explore the inter relationship between the clients, you, and the “outside” influences.

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