Julia (23) 29.5.13 

One day to go. ETD (expected time of departure) – 0900 / 30.5.13. It is wonderful to see the finished product ready to be cast off from the shore. An end is in sight, and a new beginning ahead. I said to T that we shall see what kind of skippers we are going to be [...]

Julia 22 (28.5.13) 

We are two days away from going “live”. The site has been “private” i.e. accessible only to the administrators for the last month. Paston has said that lawyers, solicitors and now therapists seem to take a long time getting their sites up. I am taking this as a compliment and see it as a reflection [...]

Julia 21 (1.5.13) 

I have my personal WordPress Tutorial booked for two hours on the phone and I am hugely excited at what I am going to learn. I am given administration access with password, username and login and within 30 minutes I am awash with words and confusion. “Home page, posts, media, pages, theme options, refresh, menu [...]

Julia 20 (26.4.13) 

I am amazed at how long it does take time to get the wording, the information, the look and what I am wanting to express, clear enough. The “Theme” that has been chosen has limitations on the text below the picture boxes and the time taken to get the text just right, is unimaginable. I then [...]

Julia (19) 16.4.13 

The web page needs to have attention given to it. Trust the process and out of chaos comes clarity so I continue to struggle with the technology and find that I am enjoying learning new skills. Paston (P) are supporting me and asking questions about what ideas I have for the home page, the menus, the colours, [...]

Julia (18) 15.4.13 

 … Your cousin Elena, more like your sister, mother and friend, made two huge pots of “Pisto” for us over the few days, and once started upon it was difficult to put down. I continued to make and eat for breakfast during the first week of being back in England. You can’t put in too many [...]

Julia (17) 5.4.13 

Day 5 Your cousin Elena with whom we have shared so much says as we prepare to leave “Como no soy rio me vuelvo atras” “I am not a river because I can come back” Would that we all could.

Julia (16) 4.4.13 

Day 4 The passing few hours and the rising of the sun have returned the definition to the towns’ buildings; the heat of the sun streaming through this open window is hot on my skin. The next generation is part of this day of festival and music. A kioska was the first public place to [...]

Julia (15) 4.4.13 

4.3.13 Day 4  … The mist is hanging in the base of the mountains this morning. The early sun rises above and behind them, darkening the roof tops and definition has been lost. I couldn’t sleep my mind so stimulated by this city and the schizophrenic nature of the previous day. One moment we sat [...]

Julia (14) 3.4.13 

3.1.13 Day 3 I am distracted by going to your tomb, preoccupied with its presence and that your physical being is there. Had we spoken of graves, places where we can visit where we know your ashes would lie, I would have said it didn’t matter but it appears to do so. I have a [...]